By:- Alok Singh

Technology isn’t so bad but isn’t it so good.

Early morning to late night we all are busy with high modernization of technology their use is so high that now we can’t imagine a world without it. Technology is made the place in our day today life and we all are happily using it out . According to the today generation it is very good and important for us more than a thousand creatures extinct from the world.

Now think about the ancient time when people age are around 100 and more than that but what about now it’s 60+ not more than that because we all are totally sournded by it the child to old used of most trending device mobile .

People behaviour is being changed , people relationship is being changed now everything is digitalisation due to which the value of person is only for few months not more than that .

Technology is good but there should be limit to use it , Don’t be selfish so much that due to your used a radiation is realised and due to which many creatures are getting lost , due to this people attachment is lost , due to this people health is lost and due to this person mentality is also lost.

Technology is very much important in your life than any another things or not for this decision is depend upon you . Here it’s your choice and your life. Think from the mind to soul ,have a glance over the nature and world from your to unnecessary busy life.

Thank you.

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