What is life?? Enjoying, yourself is this a life? I don’t think soo. According to me life is like a precious stones as much as you rub it’s shine and the value of that stones increases as you can say diamond..

We human being like a water cycle we born on earth as child but died as old..ohhh it’s a pain and grief of everyone the Pearson who have came he/ she have to go from here one day… Everyone life is precious but someone curse where as someone enjoyed… Because they know again this beautiful life of human being I will not get.. We all have to enjoy our life , don’t be busy too much and forgot about yourself give time to yourself then life will give you more time…to spend you here on earth

The most crucial things is time which take off the life very rapidly like a fire in a forest spread and burn in few minutes…But we have to just go with itt and enjoy ourselves..and do hard work that you achieve your goals and mentioned your name on the book of any writer that after the death still you live….make your life happy if you are poor,rich or middle class family no problems every one equal here don’t worry about your caste division or up and down just look it yourself and say I have most richest things in the world that’s my life let me enjoy no one can stop you…If a person background decide their peaceful life than that’s wrong because our country president Dr APJ Abddul Kalam belong to poor family but everyone knows him because he had understood the importance of his life.. Just listen your self. Do whatever you want don’t be like this busy world who busy on their not other work and forgot about themselves… Happiness is a way of life…🙂🙂 Thanks you

Published by Amitesh #me#

Bonjour, here it's Aadvik from India and passionate about Writing .

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