By- Alok Singh

” When a habit got exhibited than its quite impossible to get rid of off.”

A person tribbled on the road his mind control cerebellum connection get disconnected from the body when he drink a lot. All the drinkers start there hell journey with a pressure and no but later with live and yes !

Alcohol isn’t good for the health they know but behave like unknown . The bitter taste suddenly changed into sweet one for them . In a unconscious way behaviour they create huge problem sometimes they create such situation for themselves along with their families that there is no way expect sucide to get out from all problems.

Alochol , Drugs and Other intoxication drink keep them on road and any vichele swipe out there life towards the path of heaven.

Due to Alcohol demand and drinker increasement have loss many families from the past few years. A beautiful disease Cancer hold upon them like a medal over a neck . A family get shameful if someone out of them became a alcoholic drinker. It’s hurts them but they don’t care only they care about their pleasure nothing much and more than that. But why they drink ? Why government don’t put a strong action on all these things? Find out the answers of these questions by yourself!

Thank You

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Bonjour, here it's Aadvik from India and passionate about Writing .

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