A strong desire can make a disable person to able one , just by changing the mindset of our mind. By -. Alok Singh

When I glanced to history everyone have read about great people of the world but no one stopped over there and think about there achievement , how did they achieve there goal?

Answer is very simple they all achieve there goal by a strong burning desire what everyone don’t have . For example Helen Keller think about her she being disabled create a history for her whole world is reading about her but no one try to know how did she made her disability such a big ability . She is blind and deaf but instead of crying on her disability she struggled and became famous . Now look it yourself you all are well , and able too but you all are busy in judging someone else , comparing with other just wasting your life doing all these wasteful things .

If your desire is so strong than no one can stop you and don’t forget nothing is impossible because you are not disable you all are able means for you in this world everything is able.

The lack is to change our thoughts and create a new history so the world recognise you ,explore yourself ,be different from everyone because you are born differently not together with this foolish world who fallows others without thinking it.

Just wake up times don’t pass just your age get pass but there is always a chance from the darkness to move forward with lighting yourself like a new star.

Thank you.

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Bonjour, here it's Aadvik from India and passionate about Writing .

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