I did it because it’s my desire .

By- Alok Singh

If you have a dominant desire of achieving something valuable then don’t concern just work with enthusiasm although you will achieve it a day.

We all adhere to many people with distinct personalities, behavior, gestures, tone, attitude, ways of walking, and many additional, etc. We are also come to hear extraordinary inspirational stories in our neighborhood, city, state, nation, and worldwide. Whereas our family encourages them but they begin to compare us by that successful person but it’s not their permanent habit but a temporary one to pressure us but as positive side never lie it can be for motivating us now you people don’t be outrageous that how I said the scouts of parents is the motivation for us because you have to found the reason for yourself have some effort.

Now here the real story began when few Indian parents get highly motivated and push their child in that specific profession what they adore in which many of the people getting achievement but for the child, it can be a dark phase of life because it can be hard for him where he doesn’t have any idea like what to read, how to grasp profound knowledge, etc. Here the child desire dominance over his parent’s ambition. The problem is that parents only see the achievement, not the path which will lead towards that specific destination.

The story didn’t over because many children are stubborn who wants to acquire only what’s they desire in their life but parents want something else due to which argument starts in between them but the child stick with his aim and he/ she can leave their home for completing their desire whereas at last parents lose but win when their child succeed in his desire. Now here many of child is very sensitive I can say introvert who are unable to speak anything for themselves in front of their parents due to their shy nature but maybe few exceptions are they who can.

In introvert cases, they have to follow the path said by their strict parents they are compelled to do so. Here few of them may criticize me because I am only putting the words against the parents but I am not talking about every parent of our country but the few ones who accomplished. Few parents are so good towards their child’s desire, aim, or goal. But it’s not their habit it’s a ritual that carries from generation to generation, the way their guardian treated them the same way they want to treat their child.

We sometimes hear that few children leave their homes to completing their desire because few professions are not accepted by our parents like acting, few small private jobs, journalists and many more.

Everything depends upon the person what’s he wants to achieve in his/ her life but they have to be very serious about that specific one. You have to do anything to achieve your desire by your hooks or crooks because you have decided it and when you decide something then you have to do that.

Thank you

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