Violence.A Great Cause

By- Alok Singh

“We all think of changing the world ,But achievers consistently work on changing themselves.”

Maybe you got puzzled by my quotes but it’s truth of present scenario..

Many of the people in the world have some close one in their life with whom they share , comments and love ..They maybe have different personalities but no one get totally brood …We well know about our country here out of 10 five were nigative minded who create a lot of violence in our country recently you have seen that two priest got died due to kicked off by 200 crowd on 16 April 2020 in Maharashtra..

We should ashamed ourselves that whole country and world fighting against Corona Virus and we few negative mended person distorying the rule , regulations along with a great dissemble volince which only increases the wounded of our country not healing it out. India is desultory country due to these people who have such a negativity power to hapotanize the positively or great intergity person too.

These are the people who hurt the police, doctors and government instead of cooperation creating a issues without a point by concluding with the help of religious as you are Muslim , Hindu and Sikhh they forcefully trying to prove the virus as specific religious ..

What a foolish Indian people are I would like to say that when you cannot cooperate ,help or anything so why you are trying to vanish it out ..

I know you all will got puzzled that I am totally against of our country but I will suggest you that I am not against of my home or country I am against of these barriers who distorying my beautiful home ,who are making up stand of many people towards our country ….

At last I will tell that your trust is your choice don’t believe in someone else’s and being a part of any rubbish volince…

Thank You…..

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