By Alok Singh

The most scaring thing in the world is death!!

In a day many people die and many where born. It’s a life cycle for human being the day when you born your day decreases,your age decrease,and at last the most scaring thing came to pickup that is Death.

But my explanation can be wrong because the death is not only that when you left your body for heaven .Death is that when you started losing yourself ,when you reached at wrong platform of your life and when you forget giving importance to yourself.. This world is beautiful and the things around is more beautiful similarly our life is so good and the death is also beautiful instead of weak body and pain better to leave your soul and body.

If you want to see death than go once at hospital emergency and see it before doing anything wrong with yourself and talk about death ..

Published by Amitesh #me#

Bonjour, here it's Aadvik from India and passionate about Writing .

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