Unity BUT Violence.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic it takes sweat, determination, and hard work“. By – Alok Singh

My country is so beautiful it has a great unity among the people. As newly that unity of backbone of our country farmers break by causing violence which made us think deeply. Why are they doing? Why they are in Imbroglio?

It’s not incipient, it’s from months ago only to complete their desire. As of 26 January ‘Republic Day,’ the Red fort was decorated to celebrate its 72nd Republic Day, the flag hoisted by the President of our country on this reassuring occasion but the other side the sword, bricks were elevated by farmers upon the police only because of their unfulfilled of there desire. Farmers’ population is not less they are a plethora. On red fort many prades, the program is held but outside the red fort turmoil between the farmers and police is going on. From the border of Ghazipur to the red fort the only farmer was emphasized they all are demanding from government to fulfill their desire.

Let’s understand this situation simply, assume that a farmer brings the seed to grow the crops he cultivates the field, work hard to grow those seeds into crops, and in that time that specific crop price is 25 rupees per kg but when the farmer harvested that crop it’s a price drop at 16 rupees per kg that hurt them internally they’re virtues get vain of wastes. Because they don’t have facilities to store all grains for a long time at their home they have to sell them at the market or stock of food grains company.

Due to this problem, they get fed off which forces them the protest or strike to compete for their demand. But let’s see this from the second vision of view that violence, protest is the only way to complete our desire or demand from the government. As maybe it happened due to Covid-19 which compel the government to take this action. In the violence only people mentally and physically get hurt and they hurt the second person too. Here now depends upon us to decide who is the right farmers or government?

But the Unity is that power of our Indian which never leaves in any situation as we have seen the unity of farmers who not left their friends in any critical situations to face alone.

As a child demand from his parents a toy to borrow it but when parents ignore what action is taken by that child, I think everyone is known about that child’s action. So, I don’t need to explain further. You all are clever to decide the right entities.

Thank you

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