Intolerable Women By – Alok Singh

A Woman always try to appease her family,
A Mother always try to appease her child,
However, they are the pillars of our families.
Here I’m gonna share an adorable story of an intolerable woman.
This story is real-based fiction, not imaginary. Before being a woman she was a young and stunning girl, she lived in a joint family she is the daughter of his grandfather’s 4th son. She is older than her 3 sisters whereas they all don’t have any brothers. Nevertheless, they felt guilty about it because his elder father-son adored her like her own sister.
The family was so cheerful and delighted that the girl completed her high school and when she gave the exam on the 12th she got engaged.
She is not happy because she wanted to be a Police officer but in the era of the 20th century, no one cared about the higher education of a girl. She got married in 1999.
A girl changed to a woman in her 20 years. Presently, here at her new home everything is strange but she slowly made everyone relate to her. Suddenly a curtain from a dark mystery gets off that her husband loved someone else which breaks her heart from inside but still, she smiled every time.
Her husband from the wedding day hates her because he doesn’t have space for her in his heart.
In an Indian family, the drama backbite is very famous because her mother-in-law adds the ghee in the fire which creates more hate in her husband’s heart.
She without reason gets beaten by her husband with a belt and punches, but she still quiets only bears the pain. Every night she curses her that she woke up in the morning, works like a robot in the home as cooking food at the raw stove (chulah) which spreads a lot of smoke, later brooming the house, washing the clothes, etc.
Being 2 years of their marriage but no child due to which she had to listen to her mother law scoffs that she is unlucky having no baby.
But in 2001 she was blessed with a boy which brings happiness to her family.
After 3 years one more boy with a disability has heart problems. And at last, she gives birth to a beautiful girl.
Having three children and caring for all of them is very hard. organizing the complete household work it seems like not a woman but an iron lady who never gets tired. On behalf of this, she is scouted and occasionally beaten by her husband.
While working in ill conditions the tears from her eyes roll down her rosy cheeks.
Her elder child saw her mother run and sweep the tears with his small hands.
Saying sweetly, ” Mom doesn’t cry I will not trouble you anymore “.
Listening to this she hugged his child tightly.
Her husband is not so rich that she can afford a bundle of clothes for herself, she suffers the poor condition of her family wearing the tear sarees but never complains.
The biggest problem she faced with her second child, who is disabled that every month consulting with doctors, whereas his 1st child also gets ill very soon and is hit by Pneumonia.
Her life is full of trouble, painful but she never complains or shouts at anyone.
As after 16 years from her marriage she got hit by Diabetes and Blood Pressure.
But now, her husband loves her whereas her poor condition changes to wealth. Her children are young now and they all adore her mother very much.
It was very painful but the present is so peaceful and pleasant, sometimes there is a problem because it’s a joint family then it’s obvious that there will be an issue.
Her husband is one of the best businessmen in his District and her children are studying well with higher education.
Her struggle and sacrifice along with beliefs in God bestow her little happiness which may lead to vast happiness one day.

In the World, many women face trouble in their life but without sharing with anyone they move with that trouble by smiling.
Hence, for their children, a mother performs many crucial tasks but what do their children do for them may be the question?
In the world, there may be a thousand intolerable women whose stories are unknown to us because I only know my mother’s stories. And in my eyes, she is the best mom eternally, she is the goddess for me because she brings me into this wonderful world. She taught me good habits, manners, and how to keep patience in life.
I salute millions of women who contribute more than we are visible to our world, country, state, and family.

The person withers with their body but the deed, memories, and soul are always immortal to nature.

In the modern era, there are lots of schemes created for women, through which they can get benefits to living their life.
In the constitution of India, many articles are there in favor of women’s rights and equality.
Article 14 Right to Equality,
Article 15 Prohibition on the grounds of caste, creed, sex religion, and place of birth.
Article 16 Equality of opportunity in the matters of public employment.
Article 19 Protection of certain rights for the freedom of speech.
Article 325 Rights to give a vote without discrimination.
These are the rights that are given to Indian women, not only this but in the International human rights, they also get some special rights to live their life without any restrictions.
If we glance at the history then we would be finding that women face a lot of trouble like Sati where widows have to not marry again, Jowhar where they have to sacrifice their life when their husband dies.
But in 1829 Sri Raja Rammohan Raj prevented this act and in 1856 a new act passed for remarriage as Ishwara Chandra Vidyasagar under the British government rule.
The child restraint Act 1929 that boys under 18 and girls under 14 should get married but it got amended in 1978 where the girls were to year’s 18 and the boys to 21.
These all changes made better living conditions for women in today’s era.

At last, I would request that each reader respect, adore, and praise your mother, wife, daughter, grandmother, aunt, etc.
To make a better world, let’s create better thoughts for a better tomorrow!

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