Dream lofty dreams and as you dream so shall you became .

I am running along with my boon companion but suddenly we reach to another Universe which was so beautiful but similar to our Universe , my eye open ,ohoo it’s dream .

But this dream is only imaginary as I open my eyes the whole dream vanish up. we have to not see or create such dream which can over before begin.

We all have to dreams with open eye , a dream which relates with reality and pull us towards big achievements. As , I see few dreams are the saviours of the world . They think bigger and did bigger . They convert there strong thought into a strong dream.

May someone dream seems invisible but when darks arrived everyone lost in that dark only the invisible one is visible. Being versatile isn’t show your personality your character but your work and dream define you all.

Don’t make desertion everytime of anything but did it on same day. Make a strong tranquil dream which will lift you at top. Only thinking as you are best the game the fortune cannot be turn into goodwill until you work and sacrifice.

Everyone seems dreams but your dreams should be such that everyone should see you as you stand high at the top of world stage

Thank you

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