By- Alok Singh,

Don’t compare your life to others, There is no comparison between Sun and Moon, they shine when it’s their time.

I discern that many of the people campare themselves to other person who is performing better than them but why did this behavior or action of comparison begin! Is it jealousy or something else!

Let me tell you a brief story of my life, I and my boon companion his good name is Amitesh we were very close and share our all plan of learning the subject, strategy of retaining the subjective material like formulas and reaction of chemistry, etc. Both have the same vision of acquiring the things we never hide anything from each other. Now here where people where they compare to me with him ,when class 12th board exam results declare where he amasses 93% and I have amasses 80%, he is the topper of my batch but I don’t compare myself to him being so close because I know I am different and he is different instead of carrying my family harsh words I participated in his happiness. The story didn’t over, when night arrived then I sit solitary with an assortment of questions that why I am secured these marks? Now here for a day I too compare with him due to my family pressure when they compare me from him. But that comparison is not jealousy, it’s only sadness and depressions trying to keep me in dark for a while to recheck my preparation, my faults, my weakness so that next time whatever I do there I can do better than anyone.

As if you never savor failure in life then your life is on the wrong path because you never try the hard one out. Anyone can compare themselves to others because we are human and it’s our nature, here our parents commence comparing with another relative child to us, whereas we see many businessmen compare themselves to the successful or richest one. But it’s not good enough to compare yourself to another person before comparing just glance at yourself because you are different, your life is different so why you are comparing yourself to others.

The world is so desirous and competitive as in the field of the game, education, business, jobs, etc. Hence,” if you wanna live recently then you have to live differently” as this quote gives attention to everyone but only a few understand. I know we are in habit of comparison since when we were born so it’s a little bit hard to ignore and change things.

Let’s see it’s the positive side which only 3% people know about it as the comparison is good but to whom you have to compare. You have to compare yourself to create your new version, always try to change yourself by comparing from your past to improve your present because you know that no one is perfect. Don’t behold to another person precisely look at you and maintain yourself.

Our past self is different from our present self but we tend to think our future self will be the same as who we are today.

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