Gender Inequality

By-Alok Singh (Article)

Men are superior than women..
But why?? Women cannot superior than men..

“True equality is not the, Superiority of women, but the equal status of man and woman.” Today era is proceeding to development , modernization and digitalition.But a small gap which make it waste that is Gender Inequality. This is big issue which discuss by everyone but closed after sometime.

As,we are part of same planet and all of us are human being .. Woman are not robot or toy for us.Once imagine the world without woman than what happen? There will no increase in population only decrease will be there..So think how important are they for us ,a man is vacant without a mother,wife , sister and daughter ..

If we see history it stuck us so dangerously with a restricted behaviour with women .In sati and Jawhar pratha they are treated so bad .The trend of child marriage had made them unntorable women,busy in cooking , cleaning and housework .There world is up to a limited boundary ,which is totally injustice they should have equal summons in society like us as men.By the passes of time they came out from the play of puppets and bleak in this beautiful world.

They should have foremost right in this world. Nowdays they are achieving success in every field with gusty brain and strength. They gleamed like the morning sun and made astonishing to the world..

Thank ,The one who read this..

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