Why Suicide?

By -Alok Singh

Today’s morning newspaper outraged me when I read the newspaper headline a 17-year-old schoolgirl commit suicide. At the present juncture best way to get rid off of the anxiety is suicide because they think it can give them relief and they may get salvation. Their thought became limited when they are depressions and the negative frequency of their thoughts respond to devote suicide.

Let’s glance over the overview of our world and my country India. Here in every 40 seconds, 1 person devote suicide. In a year of world loss, it’s the population of 800,000 whereas in India alone loss of 135,000 people in a year due to suicide. According to the data 15-29 years & 15-39 years, age people dedicate suicide. But the matter is not how they did it’s here why they did?

They all get under pressure where they squelch from life and decided to devote it. Second maybe not achieving something for what he is working hard to get that material after a bundle of failure he devotes himself. Third, maybe the parents because most of the students are here who committed suicide under the pressure of their parents torn, failure, rejections, the money issue, and unemployment. Last, maybe suicide can be the reason who makes a joke about any individual or them make torn about his action due to which he became unlivable and commit suicide.

There can be a bundle of reasons but the limitation of consequences, here the person who devotes suicide he /she should think of their soul and body sacrifice. They have to understand that instead of suicide they have a chance to boom back with new power. They have to glimpse at their mother who carried them for 9 months in her womb later with 1000 pains she being us in the world if we commit suicide means we shove our mother womb. Our birth is not useless but our limited small thoughts sometimes made it useless when you feel alone. But it’s a wrong thing before your actions that you will acknowledge oh! What a fool I am, and then you will laugh at yourself.

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