By – Alok Singh

“Millions of people are in races, quashing each other only for getting employed and staying away from unemployment terrible faces” 

Unemployment is a vital problem in every country, numerous people don’t have anything to perform and get paid off. 

According to OECD (Organisations for Economic Co-operation and Development ), people above the specified age (usually 15) are not being paid employment or self-employment. 

If I show the data represented by ILO (International Labour Organisation) then there were 172 million people worldwide (or 5% of the reported global workforce) without work in 2018. 

This crisis is more terrible than the Covid-19 because the virus can be treated after a certain period but the problem of unemployment is rapidly increasing year by year. 

The data of 2021 worldwide 6.3-6.5% global unemployment rate. 

So the question arises: what is the problem due to which unemployment is increasing? 

Let’s find out the reasons which can justify the problem of unemployment. 

When I get to know about this at its root, I get that now people lack that strength and stamina that they were having before. 

Instead of this, the main cause can be technology, but how? 

So here it’s an explanation that could be that due to the overwhelming of technology and globalization the big factories and industry replace the workers by the machine. 

So the machine is performing work at a better and more rapid speed as compared to human beings. 

The third point can be the population, as you know that many countries in the world contain a vast population more than their area like India. 

Let’s move to our country India and find out the problem of unemployment! 

In our country, the population is huge as everyone knows which keeps us as the second most populated country in the world. However, in the case of land or area, it’s at 7th position. 

The competition for getting employed is very rough and hard. If someone nailed all its efforts then, at last, they get employed. 

Several are there in our country who migrate to foreign countries for jobs and get paid wages. 

But what about those who don’t migrate but work hard to get employed. 

If we gawk at the students who prepared for their examination in a specific field they all give their full percentage of effort and hard work but only a few of them get the job. But every student works hard, however, they merely get selected. Now we can envisage at what level the competition is in our country. 

India is popular for its youth population, and when the youth get troubled that adds to the unemployment list. 

Ashwini ma’am represented a review here of unemployment that 1.25 crores applied for 35,281 jobs. 

Means 354 applicants per job. 

Recently if I can add fire to this topic then everyone knows that for the RRB NTPC exam there was a protest. In which 1000 students who appeared for the railway are protesting for their rights. 

Every year there are such cases that arise but never get rights. 

In the examination, the vacancy is less than the students who appear which plays a vital role in unemployment in our nation. 

The system of our country is also quite slow due to which people get irritated and move off from that path in finding the shortcut. 

I found many students due to the lack of vacancies. They are on the road driving the rickshaw. 

The situation in our country is cutthroat if you want to achieve any specific job. 

But here presently also not welfare for the people because the pension that they get paid is less than their ability means the much they perform does not get equally that much paid off. 

Whereas understanding all the terms and conditions people feel better to be unemployed instead of having the guilt of getting less payment. 

If we glance at a private organization then they completely used the persons by making them perform more than they paid for them for their works. 

The catastrophe of unemployment will boost every year if we don’t bring a change in our government system and private organizations too. 

If I represent the graph of India’s unemployment then it is given below. 

If we don’t begin to find out the solution to this problem then it can be scarier in the coming years for the nation. 

We have to think differently if we want to do something for our nation. Let’s change the phase of the coin that in coming years employment dominates unemployment. It’s not hard because nothing is impossible.

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