Winners VS Failures

The more you fail ,the more success door opens for you . The more you win in the beginning without failure means many doors of success lock for you!

By- Alok Singh

Have you ever gone through great people of the world with their autobiography,maybe you are like others say yes but it’s not because you gone through only externally not deeply . Have you feel their pain of getting not 1,2,5times but 1000 of times. I think only rare one did this not everyone.

The early winning is danger like excess of sugar in body without much work. But failure is most peaceful things were a great effort with small – small achievements towards big success. Life give many choices were two phases of coin role as winning and failures.

We have to maintain patience regarding ourselves. We have to not jailous with other success because wait for your chance it will come and that will more better than that person to whom you are watching now.

Don’t say in life I want to be like him a great doctor, IPS officer, Architecture, Artist. Because it’s there life and there achievements with there own way and you are more unique and Tailent from them. Never copy collect your failures like a nectar of life thrown as blessings from God. And at last that failure will be used automatically and you will be at top. Always winning not required sometimes you need to taste bitter also!

Thank You

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