Hades or Heaven on the earth.

We all know that there are 7 Continents on this earth which contained many different countries and islands. We invariably gaze at the outer beauty of every country such as the historical places, the tourist’s spots, best restaurants, and the lifestyle of the person of that specific places.

Whereas only a few are there who notice that many people as beggars are lying on the street of the road, the beautiful, innocent faces search for food to be quashed their hunger.

Every country either it’s developing or developed has this bitter truth that gets hidden in some unseen gloom. Whenever we visit the big metropolitan cities we get attracted to their infrastructure, the modern people, competition of showing off their wealth and lots of things. But our eyes never wonder to found out those people who are more attractive than this all high technology. We can not sustain ourselves for a day without eating proper food but there are millions of people in this world who sleep without having food.

We sleep under the roof having a well-furnished home whereas many people sleep under the open sky in desire that one day someone will help them. They die with that desire and a new generation arrives with the same thoughts. We are reach for ourselves merely not for those who aspire from us to help, having billions of dollars doesn’t mean you are a reasonably prosperous person, the real prosperous is those who have a kind heart to help them by providing shelter to live and employment to earn money and to live the life the way we all live. Now, someone criticizes to government that they must look after their Citizens but every time government can not fulfill everyone’s needs because they are built under certain rules and regulations.

If governments of every country start supporting every beggar who needs to get help financially then it’s not possible. Subsequently, in our country government always tries its hard to help the weaker section but here they escape awareness. Now, who will create this awareness to help them, the answer is the educated people they have to help them by informing them about their rights. But it’s sad to say that we don’t take an interest to do it. Article no. 47 says that the state must raise the level of nutrition and standard of living and improve public health. But many people lack nutrition, due to being unaware of these rights, and they sit on the streets carrying a bowl to get some money or food.

Who knows about these rules only educated ones, not the poor and beggars. So it’s our responsibility to make them discern their rights. Then the country will grow instantly when every citizen participates in improving their nation. Don’t live for yourself only, live for the others also then see how the peak of happiness will enhance. Our country will develop economically instead of developing industries and technology of a country we have to pay same the same scrutiny working on human development. Because citizen is the main part of every nation. Let’s improve our home by improving the needy one.

The worlds are like heaven but the worst truth made it hell, so why we should not together, moves our hands to make it beautiful heaven so that no one sleeps hungry and sleep in the open sky. No one sits unemployed and waits for comfort. It’s can happen only when we begin to make aware of the people of our surrounding people who are unaware. It’s hard but easy only it’s a matter of thought and conduct. Let’s make the earth heaven so no one needs to find this after the death they can enjoy before death.

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