The First Flight Out of the Cult of Celebrity

You Have a Friend in 10A  I’m told I went catrastic for the first time in 1984, when Jerome Shin (yes, the director) took me up to my bathroom—my gaudy childhood bathroom with the big pink Jacuzzi and mirrors on all four walls—and cut me my first line and asked me to hold his balls while he jerked off.…

The First Flight Out of the Cult of Celebrity

Violence.A Great Cause

A negativity can caused a big distraction in the country… By- Alok Singh

“We All Think of Changing The World, But Achievers Consistently Work On Changing Themselves”

Maybe you puzzled by my quotes but it’s actually the truth side mirror of our country . Today era uplifting so quickly no-one is brood here every one have someone special in their life to share , comments and love …He/She maybe Ambivert, Extrovert and Introvert that depends on personality of person to person .But still out of 10 /5 are negative mended who made vanish the thought of any good personality by there harsh words towards the government ..We recently soon two priest got killed in Maharashtra and n 16 April by 200 people in this critical condition of country which is facing Corona Viruses ,No respect of Doctors , Not police

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