Social Media

“No time to accumulate knowledge at Wikipedia, Further to waste precious hours on social media”

By- Alok Singh

The trending of short insane types of video, use of filter photos, and waste of time throughout the day are enough to prove that how dangerous is social media may be more than coronavirus. It’s not mockery but awareness for those who are the future of the nation and getting deflected in the wrong direction.

Social media is right at its place but we made it wrong by using a lot of unnecessary things. The daily schedule of 70% of people is there whose days begin and end with the phone only. The night before we sleep, we idolized our mind and beautiful eyes with likes, comments, and post whereas in the morning we get up then gratitude our life to get active on social media apart from glorification to God. Now don’t criticize the creator of social media because it’s not their fault it’s our fault. For a day stop using your phone and glance at your life then differentiate which one is better. The one being active at all the social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Twitter, and Instagram. The next one getting enroll with nature, surroundings, books, family, friends, and other work. It depends upon us to find out the right one.

In the world, everything had a limit but when you cross the boundaries it’s only killing you not sharping your future.

Scientifically view According to my analysis, I noticed out that while I was passing through my hostel street in the evening, my ears hear lots of arguments on the phone, my eyes watch every student busy with their phone. What’s that good for the future or bad? The radiation that mobile received harms us mentally and seizes our thinking power.

Sociology view. Here too, society is an endangered zone because I analyze this ground where I found that people or especially youngsters are making the relationship without knowing each other only via social networking but that’s not all the story because the relationship is only up to few months and later the things repeated but with new pair. I don’t get how a girl and boy trust each other so shortly, because maybe it happens that the same girl is talking with other boys in the same feelings and manner similarly the boy also. Social media has interrupted the interaction and interrelationship between people which is quite absurd. It’s great to use technology but when it’s needed not the whole day long. The day will arrive when selflessness level will at the top and people behave like a robot, they will stand at the corner of the street alone having none one to hear their word. We lose our relation instead of building fake and unsure at media.

Always here that we are not lying in the world, the world is in us. But that world contains to contain the destruction, addiction, and selfishness.

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